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My Background

 As a child I accompanied my mom visiting museums and art galleries and have continued that practice all my life.  But formal training in drawing and painting was put off until I was well into adulthood.  My first solo exhibition was in 2004 at the Highlands Gallery in Breckenridge, CO.  Since 2005 I have exhibited regularly at the Strecker Nelson West Gallery (formerly the Streaker-Nelson) in Manhattan, KS.  I have also been in juried group shows, two-person and solo exhibitions in Washington, DC; Bethesda, MD; Fairfax and Alexandria, VA; Des Moines, IA; Kansas City; Smithville, TN; Decatur, GA; and Aspen, Silverthorne, Frisco, Dillon and Breckenridge, CO.

I delight in experimenting different mediums, but most of my paintings are done in oil or acrylics

My Medium

Most of my paintings are done in oil or acrylics.  But I delight in experimenting with different mediums, mixing mediums together and working with collage.  I also do some printing making, both by hand and employing a printing press

My Inspiration

I love the process of art making--it engages my imagination and a particular work will evolve slowly over time.  Typically my paintings have layers of paint reflecting a process of construction, destruction and reconstruction of the final image.  Much of my work is figurative but the subject is merely the starting point as I explore and respond to what is in front of me.  I enjoy bright colors and bold shapes and am fascinated by how line and color can be used to create or diminish an illusion of volume or space.  Painting is a never ending challenge to depict an emotion, a concept or a response to the world around us.  The magic of art is that it forces one to see things differently--from the artist's eye or maybe from a new perspective.

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Feel free to send me a message. I am available for commissions as well as for shows. I always love to hear what viewers think of my work. I look forward to hearing from you.